20 Oct 2018

Globetrotting romance? Stories I Tell On Dates

From The Podcast Hour, 12:25 pm on 20 October 2018
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Stories I Tell on Dates logo 3 (Supplied) Photo: Supplied

He's played in the NBA, and stands over 2 metres tall in his socks, but Paul Shirley isn't your typical basketball jock.

For starters he's a talented writer, doesn't take himself too seriously, and was a self-confessed late bloomer who had limited early success with the ladies.

Perhaps it's this modest tone that makes his podcast 'Stories I Tell on Dates', based on his book of the same name that came out last year, so endearing. And his deadpan delivery, goofy sound design, and sense of humour probably help too!

'Stories I Tell on Dates' by Paul Shirley is produced by Lunch Break Entertainment.