20 Oct 2018

Loving letters: Dispatch to A Friend

From The Podcast Hour, 12:35 pm on 20 October 2018
Dispatch to A Friend logo (www.dispatchtoafriend.com)

Dispatch to A Friend logo (www.dispatchtoafriend.com) Photo: www.dispatchtoafriend.com

Annie emailed pods@rnz.co.nz to recommended the Australian podcast, Dispatch To A Friend. Annie says in her email that somebody's described the podcast as like "...a hot cup of tea, blanket, crackling fire and a warm hug all wrapped up together" - not to mention you learn some interesting bits and bobs along the way.' Thanks Annie!

Dispatch To A Friend involves real-life friends Gillian Bell and Annabelle Hickson reading out the letters they send to each other in a simple celebration of their friendship. It's kind, warm, gentle and supportive: all those things that good friendships should be.  

As Annabelle wrote in an email "We wanted to create a podcast that was joyful. Not at all about self help or crime investigation. Just something to celebrate the ordinary pleasures of daily life and friendship."

Annabelle Hickson (left) and Gillian Bell (right)

Annabelle Hickson (left) and Gillian Bell (right) Photo: Flore Vallery Radot