30 Jun 2020

Parliament takes a postmarathon breather

From The House , 6:55 pm on 30 June 2020

After a blockbuster week in parliament last with, by a rough count, a huge 23 bills being progressed through a mammoth 33 stages of debate, this week will be a little quieter.

Partly that’s because Wednesday will be a Member’s Day, when bills proposed by MPs not in the Government are debated. 

But even with Wednesday morning set aside for an extra sitting it’s still a quiet week by comparison. For a start MPs can go home before midnight.

A number of interesting are things are on the order paper including a new contract for The Reserve Bank, sign-off for many regulations made by ministers and their departments, and even a change to whistleblower legislation. 

Parliament House and the Beehive wreathed in heavy mist during winter 2019

Did all the steam from last week's marathon effort cause this weather? Photo: © VNP / Phil Smith