1 Aug 2018

Parliament calls for submissions on 2017 election

From The House , 6:55 pm on 1 August 2018

Early voting, social media, and supermarket polling booths will be looked at by Parliament as it examines past elections.

The Justice Committee has started an inquiry into the 2017 General Election and the 2016 local government election.

It's common practice for this to happen after an election and allows Parliament to review how things went as well as if any changes are needed.

Specifically the inquiry aims to: “examine the law and administrative procedures for the conduct of parliamentary elections in light of the 2017 General Election, and local elections in light of the 2016 Local Government Elections, with particular reference to:

  •  The increasing number of New Zealanders choosing to cast an early vote prior to election day.
  •  The increased importance and use of social media in campaigning, advertising, and expression of political opinions.
  •  The statutory and regulatory implications of these changes.
  • The increased placement of polling booths in venues such as shopping malls and supermarkets.”

The chairperson of the Committee Raymond Huo says the committee would like to hear from anyone who has a view on the election process including those who didn't vote, or struggled to cast a vote.

Information on how submissions can be made can be found here on the parliament website.

Chair of the Justice Select Committee and Labour MP Raymond Huo.

Chair of the Justice Select Committee and Labour MP Raymond Huo. Photo: VNP / Phil Smith