9 Aug 2017

'I did relish the hand to hand combat' - Clayton Cosgrove's valedictory

From The House , 7:00 pm on 9 August 2017

Labour MP Clayton Cosgrove says there is "no higher honour in a democracy" than to be elected to serve your country.

Every retiring or resigning MP is offered the chance to give a farewell adress to the House, known as a valedictory statement, and this year 15 MPs have taken that opportunity including Clayton Cosgrove.

He reflects on the toppling of his mentor ex-Labour leader Mike Moore, and the generosity of a potential voter who offered up a bag of marijuana to raise campaign funds.

Labour MP Clayton Cosgrove gives his valedictory statement to the House.

Clayton Cosgrove shares stories of his time as an MP while giving his valedictory statement. Photo: VNP / Daniela Maoate-Cox