31 May 2017

Pushed off a cliff - pay equity for care and support workers

From The House , 10:35 pm on 31 May 2017

Last month the Government announced a two billion dollar settlement for care and support workers.


The settlement follows a pay equity claim from 2013 in which caregiver Kristine Bartlett successfully argued that her low pay rate was a result of gender discrimination.


From the first of July care and support workers, the majority of whom are female, will receive pay rises of about 15 to 49 percent to suit their qualifications and experience.


But for that to happen legislation must be passed by Parliament prescribing the minimum pay rates to ensure providers pass on the new wages to employees.


So - the Care and Support Worker (Pay Equity) Bill was introduced and had its first reading in the House last week.


It’s now before the Health Committee which is due to report back to the House next week.


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