3 Mar 2019

Approaching with Kindness - 3 March

From TED Radio Hour, 7:06 pm on 3 March 2019

Approaching with Kindness

We often forget to say the words "thank you." But can those two words change how you — and those around you — look at the world? In this edition of the TED Radio Hour, you can hear five TED speakers on the power of gratitude and appreciation.

AJ Jacobs: How Can We Thank Those We Take for Granted?
Mike Robbins: What's The Difference Between Recognition And Appreciation?
Laura Trice: Is It Okay To Ask For Appreciation?
Christine Porath: What Is The Cost Of Being Uncivil In The Workplace?
Özlem Cekic: How Can Kindness Disarm Hate?

From NPR’s TED Radio Hour

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