16 Dec 2018

Circular - 16 December

From TED Radio Hour, 7:06 pm on 16 December 2018


We're told if the economy is growing, and if we keep producing, that's a good thing. But at what cost? This hour, TED speakers explore circular systems that regenerate and re-use what we already have.

Kate Raworth: How Can We Create A Thriving Economy For Ourselves And The Planet?
Tristram Stuart: Can Feeding Scraps To Livestock Help Tackle The Food Waste Crisis?
Kate Orff: How Can Oysters Revive New York City's Waterways?
David Katz: How Can We Address Ocean Plastic Pollution And Poverty At The Same Time?
Jessi Arrington: How Can Thrifting Clothes Help The Environment — And Your Style?

From NPR’s TED Radio Hour