22 Apr 2018

Decoding Our Emotions - 22 April

From TED Radio Hour, 7:06 pm on 22 April 2018

Decoding Our Emotions
We experience powerful emotions all of the time, but what are they? Where do they come from?  In this week's TED Radio hour, five TED speakers invoke history, language, science and music to help us think about the way we feel.

John Koenig: What If There Were A Word For Every Emotion In The World?
Tiffany Watt Smith: Did People In The Past Experience Emotions Differently?
Lisa Feldman Barrett: Can We Really Tell How Other People Are Feeling?
Kang Lee: Can Technology Detect Our Hidden Emotions?
Michael Tilson Thomas: Why Is Music So Good At Conveying Emotion?

from NPR's TED Radio Hour

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