1 Jan 2016

Screen Time - 2

From TED Radio Hour, 9:00 am on 1 January 2016

When we go online, we present a digital version of ourselves. How do we transform when we interact inside our screens? In this episode, TED speakers explore the expanding role of our "second selves."

Writer Jon Ronson says Internet commenters can behave like a baying mob and believes it's time to rethink how we interact when we go online. 

Philip Rosedale talks about the virtual civilization world he created, Second Life, and how virtual reality might only get better -- and more integral to our lives -- in the future.

Do you like curly fries? Have you Liked them on Facebook? You might be sharing more information than you realize, says computer scientist Jennifer Golbeck.

Many of us have a second self, a virtual personality composed of posts and tweets stored in the cloud. Adam Ostrow asks: What happens to that personality after you die

 After Hurricane Sandy hit Manhattan, writer Abha Dawesar watched people scrounging for outlets to charge phones. She wondered: Do we miss out on what's real when we dive into our digital lives?

From NPR's TED Radio Hour.

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