8 Jun 2014

Te Rangi Hiroa College with Ashley Day

From Te Ahi Kaa, 6:23 pm on 8 June 2014

Ashley Day

Ashley Day is the Tautiaki (warden) at Te Rangi Hiroa College at Otago University. The former hotel building was acquired by the University and transformed into a residential site. It accommodates up to 127 students. The faculty worked closely with Ngāti Mutunga, the iwi of Hiroa (also known as Sir Peter Buck) to dedicate the building in his honour. Ashley talks about the opening of the residence and how it’s solidified the relationship between the University and Ngāti Mutunga.

In an archival recording from 1949, Te Rangi Hiroa (c.1877 – 1951) is at a civic reception in Dunedin and talks about his time at Otago and his ‘accidental’ foray into politics.