31 Mar 2013

Te Ahi Kaa for 31 March 2013

From Te Ahi Kaa, 6:06 pm on 31 March 2013

South Taranaki Kaumatua Henare Ngaia reflects upon the history of Te Hui Aranga, the annual Maori Catholic gathering held since 1946. This year Hawera will host up to two thousand Maori. Henare Ngaia chats with Justine Murray about the expectations of the event given the recent appointment of the new pope, Pope Francis. The Ministry of Justice seems to be following the likes of m,obile phone providers in implementing software to add macrons to te reo Maori. David Hudson and Liz Fletcher demonstrates how it works with Maraea Rakuraku. In an archival recording from 1972 Takapuwahia Marae, Wellington hosted the Maori Catholic gathering Te Hui Aranga. Coverage of the official Powhiri features.