27 Jun 2021

Matangireia: Hone Harawira

From Te Ahi Kaa , 6:04 pm on 27 June 2021
Hone Harawira, Matangireia Series 2

Hone Harawira, Matangireia Series 2 Photo: Aotearoa Media Collective

Former Māori politicians discuss their time in parliament as part of the political legacy series Mātangireia. Hone Harawira has been at the frontline of Māori protest for most of his life, raised in the Northland, he entered parliament on the back of the Foreshore and Seabed hikoi in 2004. He talks about whanau, politics and life after the Māori Party.

The series Matangireia is a political legacy video and podcast series produced by Aotearoa Media Collective, find the full story here.