21 Jun 2015

Skinwriting III - Episodes 4 - 6

From Te Ahi Kaa, 6:06 pm on 21 June 2015

The third season of Skinwriting concludes this week, the drama serial is produced by Jason Te Kare (Nō Ngāti Maniapoto) and engineered by Phil Benge. The original concept of Skinwriting came about in 2009 to encourage more writers to write for radio drama.  The first season included work from notable playwrights Briar Grace-Smith and Albert Belz.


This soldier is another product of a different war. I was finding a way for the character to whakanoa himself of these kēhua, of these people whose lives follow them around when they've taken a life, especially from another whenua.

Rob Mokaraka on writing Echoes of War.

This week, writers include Jamie McCaskill (Tāua, Tāua, The Noho), and Rob Mokaraka (Echoes of War). The drama is set predominantly in Underworld, the Taa Moko studio owned by Pushy Te Aratapu (played by Jim Moriarty), his daughter Niwa (played by Oliva Robinson) runs the office and Matt Tewano (played by Taungaroa Emile) is Pushy's Taa Moko apprentice.


Matt - Taungaroa Emile
Pushy - Jim Moriarty
Hare - Matu Ngaropo
Niwa - Olivia Robinson
Tui - Moana Ete
Tane - Rob Mokaraka