22 Feb 2015

Kiwa Digital - Māori stories on a digital platform

From Te Ahi Kaa, 6:08 pm on 22 February 2015

Kiwa Digital's Māori development advisor Nikora Wharerau and Illustrator Munro Te Whata discuss the process of taking traditional māori Purakau (stories) and publishing these on a digital platform. The recently launched four-part series, Ngā Atua Māori is a set of graphic novellas written by Rereata Mākihā, Waihoroi Shortland and Nikora Wharerau. Munro worked on the imagery and story-boards. The result is an interactive series available for download in the App store or Android for viewing on tablets. Justine Murray talks to the duo about the creative process, te reo māori and how other iwi can tell their stories in a similar way.