12 Oct 2014

Dr Jaclyn Aramoana ,Improving Māori Health outcomes

From Te Ahi Kaa, 6:24 pm on 12 October 2014

When Dr Jaclyn Aramoana decided to become a surgeon she contacted the very first Māori surgeon, Associate Professor Jonathan Koea for advice. What eventuated has been an ongoing relationship of mentorship. So far, so very Māori. What became apparent and is perhaps only now really being looked at is that, while Māori practicing medicine continues to increase, Māori specialising in surgery not so much. Yet, if Māori Health inequality is to be truly addressed doesn't that mean Māori must be spread throughout the profession and how does that stack up when Māori surgeons number less than 20? With Koea and Associate Professor Patrick Alley, Dr Aramoana has sought answers to that question amongst others, through a literature review that was published recently in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Surgery.