20 Jul 2008

Te Ahi Kaa mo 20 Hongongoi (July) 2008

From Te Ahi Kaa, 6:06 pm on 20 July 2008

At 15'.30" into this episode of Te Ahi Kaa we remember Hone Tuwhare (1922-2008).

"An ordinary man writing extraordinarily" - one of the many descriptions recounted about Hone Tuwhare at a recent memorial service.

Born in Kaikohe, Tuwhare no Nga Puhi, was a man of passions whether it was his boilermaker work with NZ Railways as a young man, involvement with the trade union movement or relationships. All fed into his creativity providing fodder for his extensive collection of work and what was a lifetime love of words.

Tuwhare had a great presence and many of the people who spoke at a memorial service held recently in Wellington recounted their personal experiences of his humour, humility and genius including his granddaughter Moana Tuwhare and longtime friend, Mark Derby.