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In Te Ahi Kaa this week, we have the second series of Skin Writing, produced by Jason Te Kare. The five-part series is about the work, conflicts and experience of Matt (played by Taungaroa Emile), Niwa Te Aratapu (played by Olivia Robinson) and the owner and senior Taa Moko artist Pushy Te Aratapu (played by Lawrence Wharerau)

Author and Playwright Whiti Hereaka wrote 'Still Life', Playwright, actor and musician Jamie McCaskill wrote 'Questioning Morality' and 'Koretake Matt'.

Jamie tweeked
Jamie McCaskill at Tikapa Moana.

Writers: Jamie McCaskill and Whiti Hereaka
Cast: Niwa - Olivia Robinson; Matt - Taungaroa Emile; Tess - Tina Cook; Art Tutor - Ivana Palezevic; Pushy - Lawrence Wharerau; Max - Cohen Holloway; Phil Grieve; Esmee Myers and Chelsea Bognuda.
Producer: Jason Te Kare.
Engineer: Phil Benge