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He aha tetahi o nga mahi o te Kaumatua? Te Awhi

What is one of the roles of Kaumatua? To Help

This week’s whakatāuki explained by Jane Edwards nō Ngati Toa Rangatira.

There are many whānau Māori whose lives haven’t altered a single bit since Budget 2013 was released last week and there are others for whom it’s become infinitely more difficult. Justine Murray attends a budgeting session between a marae-based Budget Advisor, Te Puea Morgan and a client.

Age is a number, not a barrier, is how Ngāti Pōrou Star Olsen sees it and what he tries to relay to kaumatua participating in the annual Kaumatua Olympics that incorporate takaaro Māori – traditional Māori games such as Poi Karawhiua and Ki-o-rahi.

Gallery: Action from the Kaumatua Olympics held May 10, Lower Hutt

Francis Katene Left from Taranaki Whanui Kaumatua Group
Francis Katene (left) from Taranaki Whanui Kaumatua Group with a friend at the Kaumatua Olympics.

Mere Takoko explains to Maraea Rakuraku her theory about how kai has a direct relationship to an individuals, Tino Rangatriratanga.

Waiata featured:   Waka performed by Che Fu from the album Che Fu High Score: The best of compilation (2006)