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Ko taku tokotoko, Ko te Kohanga Reo

My walking stick is Kohanga Reo

This weeks whakatāuki explained by Parekura Horomia (recorded in 2011)

In Te Ahi Kaa, thousands gathered at Hauiti marae this week to pay their respects to Ikaroa Rawhiti MP and Ngāti Porou, Parekura Horomia (1950 – 2013).

This weeks show features archival recordings from the year 2000 where Parekura was interviewed on Radio New Zealand Nationals Checkpoint programme about his role as Minister of Māori Affairs, to an interview he had with Justine Murray while walking in the Kohanga Reo protest march, 2011.

Wiremu Kaa fondly recalls his uncle Parekura yelling from the sidelines at home games hosted by the Uawa Rugby club and was known to give the team a tune-up in the changing rooms during half time if required; According to Wiremu, his uncles weekly schedule was made up of three things, politics, whanau and Rugby, he explains the legacy that his uncle will leave behind.

New Zealand Music Commission communication and projects officer Simon Woods talks about the nationwide promotion, New Zealand Music Month and what avenues māori can take to support a career in music.



Waiata featured:   Reconnect performed by Maisey Rika from the EP Maisey Rika (2009) Manunui performed by Whirimako Black from the album Tangihaku (2004) Whiti te Marama performed by the Majic Paora from the album He Rangi Paihuarere: A tribute to the late Dr Hirini Melbourne (2012)