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03 April 2011

"Kua ura to ao te kōwhai."
The kindling of the kōwhai blazes.
This week's whakatāuki is explained by Nick Roskruge nō Te Ati Awa, Ngāti Pōrou

It's been two weeks since the Marine and Coastal Area Takutai Moana Act came into effect amidst opposition from many Māori that included a hikoi of hundreds the day before the legislation was passed. The focus of protest was coalition partner, the Māori Party. Māori Party Te Tai Tonga MP Rahui Katene defends the Act and the party's role in its passing.

Ngāti Kahungunu ki Wairarapa are so concerned about the dangers of methamphetamine within their community, they have enlisted the help of P-users-turned-drug-counsellors Denis O'Reilly and Mane Hapata. Justine Murray learns about their plans from Mane Hapata.

In learning raranga harakeke(flax weaving), Terese Mcleod nō Te Ati Awa says she has also learned about herself. She says the craft has therapeutic value and benefited her personality. Maraea Rakuraku joins Mcleod in Levin, where she travels monthly for weekend wananga (workshops) in raranga.

Formed in 1999, Mana Maoli is a collective of Hawaiian artists focussed on growing awareness of their indigenous culture. Recently, musicians John Cruz and Wayne Enos led a Ukulele workshop at Te Papa Tongarewa where Justine Murray met them.