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13 Pipiri (June) 2010

"E hi noa he aroha atu."
Although it is small - accept it with love.

This week's whakatāuki was explained by Amiria Nepa Apatu nō Ngāti Kahungunu.

Before Makere Nepe Apatu Thorstensen took on the challenge to complete the Central Hawkes Bay's first Mana Wahine Try-athlon she was afraid of the water and unable to ride a bike. A former freezing worker turned health promoter, Makere, and her younger sister Amiria, decided to compete and took on the seven week training schedule with gusto. Justine Murray was in Waipukurau on the day of the triathlon and met up with Makere who explains why she decided to give it a go.

Makere Nepe Apatu Thorstensen prepping herslef for the mana wahine tryathlon.Amiria Nepe Apatu

Left: Makere Nepe Apatu Thorstensen prepping herself for the Wana Wahine Try-athlon.
Right: Amiria Nepe Apatu.

The bikes and shoes are ready for easy transition.Makere heading to the finish line.

Left: The bikes and shoes are ready for easy transition.
Right: Makere heading to the finish line.

Yay! all over and done with.

Yay! all over and done with.

Breakout.In our review segment, Te Wetewete, Turei Reedy, nō Ngāti Porou, reviews the album Breakout by South Auckland reggae group Three Houses Down. The tight-knit family group have enjoyed international travel to Las Vegas, Hawaii and San Jose. Breakout took out the best album award at this year's pacific music awards.

A shortage of Māori nurses and midwives was the motivating reason behind a workforce development initiative launched last month. Ngā Manukura o Apōpō is a nationwide workforce development programme, led and implemented by Auckland District Health Board. The main strategies of the programme are to promote nursing and midwifery to Māori who are looking at a career in health, to advance current Māori health workers into leadership roles, and to increase the clinical workforce. Brenda Close, a nurse for twenty years and now a health consultant, explains more to Justine Murray.

Waiata featured: Ka Karanga te tinana as performed by Mina Ripia

from the album Wai 100% (2001)

Kalikapila; Culture; Constitution; Recession as performed by Three Houses Down from the album Breakout (2009)