9 Jun 2024

Christel Nielsen: Tatoos linked to increased lymphoma risk

From Sunday Morning, 9:40 am on 9 June 2024

Christel Nielsen’s research focuses on how chemicals in our environment affect our health – including the chemicals which make up tattoos.  

She led a team at Sweden’s Lund University who conducted a study which linked cases of malignant lymphoma diagnosed and people with tattoos over a ten-year period.  

Christel joins Jim to tell us all about the study and how society can ensure tattoos, which she says are a legitimate form of self-expression, can become safer.  

PRODUCTION - 29 November 2021, Hamburg: Tattoo artist Makowski, owner of the tattoo studio "Älteste Tätowierstube in Deutschland" in the St. Pauli district, tattoos a customer with colorful tattoo ink. In January, a ban on colorful tattoo ink comes into effect in the EU. (to dpa-Korr "Only doom and gloom? EU regulation threatens colorful tattoo colors") Photo: Marcus Brandt/dpa (Photo by MARCUS BRANDT / DPA / dpa Picture-Alliance via AFP)