9 Jun 2024

Screen time before bed isn't as bad as we thought

From Sunday Morning, 8:10 am on 9 June 2024

According to a new worldwide review of evidence, “blue light” before bed doesn't seem to have a significant impact on sleep. 

Sleep scientist and body clock expert, Dr Kat Lederle joins us. 

Jeanne, a student at the school of journalism, does most of her online courses by videoconference in her small Parisian flat. She works directly from her bed and lectures on the zoom platform.
Jeanne, etudiante en ecole de journalisme effectue la majorite de ses cours en ligne par visioconference dans son petit appartement parisien. Elle travaille directement depuis son lit et fait des conferences sur la plateforme zoom. (Photo by Lilian Cazabet / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP)