7 Apr 2024

The "Unpolitician" pipped to be the next UK PM

From Sunday Morning, 11:19 am on 7 April 2024

British journalist and former Labour party senior advisor Tom Baldwin is the author of a new biography Sir Kier Starmer: The Biography.  

Sir Keir has become a pivotal figure in British politics. A lawyer by trade, his ascent to the leadership of the Labour Party surprised many. But what makes this man tick? What are the experiences that have shaped his political views and his approach to leadership? 

Baldwin's book sheds new light on Starmer's formative years, his legal career, and his often-underrated political acumen. Tom joins Jim Mora to explore the influences that have driven Sir Keir, the challenges he’s faced, and the path that led him to the helm of the Labour Party. 

The cover of Tom Baldwin's Kier Starmer book is on the left hand side. It features an image of Kier with his name in red text. The left hand side is a photo of Tom. It is a closeup of his face. He is wearing a white shirt. You can just see the collar peaking up at the bottom of the image.

Photo: harperCollins