18 Feb 2024

Hugh Cornwell: The former Stranglers singer on his NZ Tour

From Sunday Morning, 10:30 am on 18 February 2024

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Hugh Cornwell is the original singer, songwriter and guitarist with British band The Stranglers. Since leaving The Stranglers in 1990 he’s also released ten solo albums, written six books and launched his own film podcast “Mr Demille FM”. 

Cornwell performing in 2010

Cornwell performing in 2010 Photo: © Robert Kenney 2010 AUDIOVISUAL93@gmail.com

He joins Jim on Sunday morning to discuss his music career “there’s no rules, rules are there to be broken”, and his upcoming New Zealand shows. 

In June Hugh plays iconic Stranglers hits and solo songs in Auckland & Wellington

Hugh Cornwell (Right) performing on The Raven Tour in 1979, with Jean Jacques Burnel (left)

The Stranglers in concert at Le Palace, Paris, 1979 Photo: Stranglers France Service