11 Feb 2024

Are humans allergic to the modern world?

From Sunday Morning, 11:06 am on 11 February 2024

 An estimated 30-40% of the global population suffer from allergies, be they hay, peanut, lactose or something less common. That’s billions of people, and the number just keeps rising. 

According to Medical anthropologist and Associate Professor at the Stevens Institute of Technology Theresa MacPhail " Our very old immune systems can’t keep up with modern lifestyles and diets” 

In her book Allergic: Our Irritated Bodies in a Changing World Theresa examines the mostly unwanted phenomenon that has us sneezing, coughing, and carrying around epi-pens. She joins Jim Mora to discuss: What are allergies? Why do we have them? And is there anything we can do about it? 

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Photo: 123RF