23 Oct 2022

Calling Home: Anna Bibby in Gironde, France

From Sunday Morning, 11:05 am on 23 October 2022

Anna Bibby is living that life that many of us fantasise about living, in France.

She's been in a charming old village surrounded by walnut groves; then it was a charming old village surrounded by grape vines.

Anna Bibby is calling home this morning from the Gironde region of France, in the south-west, on the Bay of Biscay, near the city of Bordeaux, surrounded by a countryside dotted with vineyards and old chateaux.

Anna was born in Wellington then later owned a well-known gallery in Auckland's Herne Bay, and then, in her fifties, 12 years ago, she just moved to France.

“If you want a final adventure, jump now”

It's been a considerable adventure. Anna Bibby has written a book, it's called Learning to be French (and failing).

Anna Bibby's book "Learning to be French (and failing)"

Photo: Allen & Unwin