6 Mar 2022

The Sunday Poem by Robert Free

From Sunday Morning, 9:55 am on 6 March 2022



I often go a wanderingThe 

Whilst my mind is pondering

Upon a problem it has yet to solve

And as I idle down a track

That dips and bends and doubles back

Invariably an answer will evolve


Away from all the city noise

The battery operated toys

And snarling two stroke motors hard at work

To the quiet company

Of forest stream and leafy tree

With nothing to confuse, distract or irk


I think the change of scenery

From PC screen to greenery

Stops me thinking like a cogged machine

Allowing my subconscious to

Offer up a point of view

That otherwise I just would not have seen


Robert Free

Otago Harbour Bard

Silhouette of male person against a colorful horizon.

Photo: 123rf.com