17 Oct 2021

Will Rush Covid 'NZ remains in a privileged position'

From Sunday Morning, 8:12 am on 17 October 2021

Not letting Covid-19 rip through our communities has left New Zealand in a privileged position compared to England and many other countries, says London-based Kiwi doctor Will Rush. 
Rush is an Emergency Medicine Consultant who is working at the Royal London Hospital, which has been hit hard by Covid-19. He's seen the worst of things on the front line.
The father of three trained in Auckland and worked at Middlemore before shifting to the UK.
He says the UK lost its grip on the pandemic right from the start and never had control, while New Zealand has remained in a far better position with Covid-19 due to a mixture of good luck and good management. 

Paramedics unload a patient from an ambulance outside the Royal London Hospital in east London on January 8, 2021.

Photo: AFP