19 Sep 2021

Dr Sarah Watson on parenting in the pandemic

From Sunday Morning, 11:35 am on 19 September 2021

It's been hard for kids to feel motivated during the pandemic, and it's been hard on families as well, especially with people trying to do so many different things in shared spaces.

But there are also ways to build better family relationships during Covid-19.

Dr. Sarah Watson is the Clinic Director and a registered Child & Adolescent Clinical Psychologist at Totally Psyched.

She joins the show to answer your questions and share some tips on parenting in the pandemic.

Email sunday@rnz.co.nz or text 2101 with your questions for Dr. Watson. 

Young father working from home with little daughter drawing during covid-19 lockdown. Child drawing next to dad who is smartworking with laptop and headphones for social isolation. Front view.

Photo: 123RF