12 Sep 2021

Study shows Kiwis are more mindful about consumption

From Sunday Morning, 8:11 am on 12 September 2021

The Consumer Lifestyles Report (which has been running since 1979) was released from the University of Otago Business School this week. The report's aim is to provide insights into the lifestyles, consumption patterns and choices, and behavioural trends of New Zealanders.

There is also a particular focus on life after last year's lockdown: according to the data, 57% of consumers report being more mindful about what they consume since lockdown last year, 43% say they have reduced their consumer spending, more of them shop locally (52%) and 42% have shopped online more. Lead study author Professor Leah Watkins joins the show to discuss the report's findings. 

NFC technology, customer do payment with contactless credit card. Credit card reader implements payment execution, in the shop

Photo: 123rf