25 Jul 2021

How voice cloning is revolutionising the way we communicate

From Sunday Morning, 10:36 am on 25 July 2021

Voice cloning is the process when a computer programme is used to generate a synthetic and adaptable copy of a person's voice. From a recording of someone talking, the software is able to replicate a person's voice speaking any words or sentences that are typed into a keyboard. The technology can be used for an array of reasons, such as creating artificial voices for patients who can't talk without assistance or voice actors so they can 'future-proof' their career. Founder of VocaliD, Professor Rupal Patel joins us to discuss how the technology works and why she decided to start her Boston-based company.

Rupal Patel - Founder of VocaliD

Rupal Patel - Founder of VocaliD Photo: Supplied