The thriller writer who called the Covid-19 pandemic

From Sunday Morning, 11:35 am on 27 June 2021

British thriller writer Adam Hamdy knows a thing or two about pandemics. Prior to becoming an author, he worked in the medical industry, developing expertise in pandemic response. Early in the current Covid-19 pandemic -- after seeing what was unfolding in Wuhan -- he took to Twitter to warn people of what was to come. Hamdy's new novel Red Wolves -- the second novel in the Scott Pearce series -- follows disgraced MI6 agent Pearce as he uncovers a chilling plot to get Americans hooked on a synthetic opioid, and it has seen the writer go deep behind the scenes -- including visiting high-security prisons and meeting with far right groups -- in the name of research. He joins the show to discuss Red Wolves and how his own life experiences have shaped his writing.

British author Adam Hamdy.

British author Adam Hamdy. Photo: Supplied/Adam Hamdy