16 Aug 2020

Is a Birkin bag out of your budget? You can now invest in one

From Sunday Morning, 8:11 am on 16 August 2020

The idea of being part-owner of a $61,500 handbag may seem strange, but it's a growing trend.

Online trading platform Rally Rd allows users to purchase shares in luxury items - such as highly desirable Birkin bags and Rolex watches - and it has seen a surge in interest during the pandemic. But some critics warn that app-based investing can be too game-like and distort the consequences of ill-considered investments.

Author and New York Times' Wealth Matters columnist Paul Sullivan joins the show to discuss the trend.

Hermès Ostrich Birkin Bag

Hermès Ostrich Birkin Bag Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Wen-Cheng Liu