26 May 2019

Dr Oliver Scott Curry: Kindness causing happiness

From Sunday Morning, 9:45 am on 26 May 2019
Dr Oliver Scott Curry

Dr Oliver Scott Curry Photo: supplied

Dr Oliver Scott Curry  is the research director for Kindlab, at kindness.org online. He's also with the School of Anthropology at  Oxford University where he led a team researching the impact of kindness, not just in terms of helping people but for the person being kind's overall well-being. They were asking whether being kinder could be a way to solve personal problems; how helping someone deal with their problems could in turn work for the person offering help. They analysed 27 experiments to come up with their final conclusions, and it's a fascinating read. Dr Curry speaks to Jim about the kindness and happiness links they uncovered, and why the little things can go a long way.