Dr. Alice Gorman: Junk in space reflects life on earth

From Sunday Morning, 10:35 am on 5 May 2019
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In 2003, the woman they call 'Dr Space Junk' started work on a research project that has ended up taking her to places she never imagined.  Dr. Australian archeologist Alice Gorman is a pioneering figure in her fledgling field of space archaeology for over 15 years. She's committed to bringing to light the secrets at the heart of the Space Age. The respected academic based at Flinders University speaks to  Jim about the human footprint in space and the legacy it will leave and her new book, Dr. Space Junk versus The Universe: Archaeology and the Future, and why space is nowhere near as empty as we think. She also ponders the mystery of our obsession with Mars and how space billionaires have set their sights on access to outer space their next challenge.