24 Feb 2019

Nicholas Crane: writing his way around the world

From Sunday Morning, 10:04 am on 24 February 2019
Nicholas Crane

Nicholas Crane Photo: supplied

Nicholas Crane was on the move from a very young age, camping and hiking with his father, going on to explore Norfolk by bicycle. He's since gone on to make many journeys all over the world as well as writing books about his adventures and discoveries. He's also presented a number of BBC programmes, Map Man, Coast, Great British Journeys and Nicholas Crane's Britannia and Town. His latest book is 'You are Here, A Brief Guide to the World', which is about the vital role of geography in understanding the big issues facing the planet and humanity today. He speaks to Jim about how his wunderlust and observations from a life spent travelling have all factored into his book. He says a number of challenges facing the planet right now can be addressed through geography.