10 Jun 2018

Chris Byrne: treasuring Susan Te Kahurangi King

From Sunday Morning, 9:37 am on 10 June 2018

The Museum of Modern Art has acquired three works by New Zealand artist Susan Te Kahurangi King. The acquisition follows the increasing awareness of her works around the world. Susan, who is 66, grew up in Te Aroha and stopped speaking when she was four but communicates through her drawings. US-based art curator Chris Byrne has worked with her family to exhibit her extraordinary art around the world. He talks about her talent, growing fanbase and family who have kept all of her art throughout her life. An exhibition held at the American Folk Art Museum in New York, in which she demonstrated her drawing, was a sellout. The museum also set up a fellowship to research her work last year. Her next exhibition will be in London, the first time she has shown in the UK. Her sister Petita Cole has stored all of Susan’s work right from childhood. She and critics talk about Susan in this 2009 documentary. Photos of Susan here.

Note: Artspace also has an exhibition of Susan King's work running until 13 July,