16 Jul 2017

Derek Fox talks about broadcaster Marama Martin

From Sunday Morning, 7:47 am on 16 July 2017
Derek Fox

Derek Fox Photo: Supplied

Broadcaster Marama Martin, formerly Marama Koea, passed away in Nelson this week. 

Marama Martin's face and voice were well known in the 1960s and 70s when she worked in radio then on television on what was then the NZBC.

It was the days when there was only one channel to watch so her voice was such a familiar one, She was the first person to appear when colour TV burst onto our screens in 1973, when she wore a mauve dress, one she apparently made herself as she did with all her clothes. 

She finished up on our television screens in 1975. It was when the Labour Government decided to break up NZBC into separate arms - TV and radio - and that meant a restructure. 

She then moved into the YC stations - now RNZ Concert - before the former teacher ended up returning to that profession in 1978.  She and husband Bert, a talented pianist who also worked as a technical director in television, moved to the Gold Coast in the late 1980s, but returned home and Marama died in Nelson. 

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Marama Martin

Marama Martin Photo: Supplied