11 Dec 2016

A year of beer

From Sunday Morning, 11:06 am on 11 December 2016
Alice Galletly

Alice Galletly Photo: supplied

Alice Galletly likes drinking beer and has written a book, How to Have a Beer, full of beer-drinking stories and tips.

In 2012 she started her blog, Beer for a Year, where she sampled 365 New Zealand beers in 365 days.

Galletly told Sunday Morning that before the blog, she'd done five to 10 years of prior research (aka beer drinking).

The first beer Galletly wrote about was the “very reliable” Emerson’s Bookbinder, she says.

“You could take it with you anywhere, you could meet your parents, you could hang out with your friends…”

The 365th beer, ‘Liberty Wood’ was brewed especially for Galletly by Auckland’s Liberty Brewing Company.

So… what’s her favourite New Zealand beer?

“No-one has ever got an answer out of me. You can try. There’s just so much variation with beers that trying to pick a favourite beer is like trying to pick a favourite song. I can’t do it.”

Galletly's book How To Have a Beer is part of Awa Press’s Ginger ‘How To’ Series.