5 Jul 2015

Bunny McDiarmid - Life and Influences

From Sunday Morning, 11:05 am on 5 July 2015

Bunny McDiarmid

Bunny McDiarmid is the outgoing head of Greenpeace New Zealand. Her life as an environmental activist began in earnest with her joining the crew of the anti-nuclear protest ship The Fri in the early 1980s. She later crewed on the Rainbow Warrior – bombed by the French 30 years ago this month.

Bunny McDiarmid reflects on the individuals, thinkers, books and events that have influenced her own ideas. A list that includes: her mother, Mary, who took up reading in her 80s and discovered Mills and Boon; Dutch philosopher Frans Geraedts; US senator Elizabeth Warren; Indian writer and activist Arundhati Roy; and moving the people of Rongelap away from their radioactively contaminated home island in 1985.