1 Feb 2015

Yuval Ben-Ami - Lorde in the Holy Land

From Sunday Morning, 10:06 am on 1 February 2015

Yuval Ben Ami

Yuval Ben-Ami is a Tel Aviv-based journalist, musician and self-described Lorde addict.

He’s in the midst of a project that aims to create a bi-lingual, bi-national, Hebrew-Arabic tribute to the Kiwi singer’s music.

“One of my favourites is Buzzcut Season, and when I translated that into Hebrew lines like “explosion on TV and all the girls with heads inside a dream”, and then there is an image of sitting beside a pool where everything is good, it made me think about the realities here. We get explosions all the time, and I live in Tel Aviv, we talk of Tel Aviv as ‘the bubble’ you know, where we sit on easy chairs on the beach while the rest of the middle east is going up in flames. So it rings very political.”

Yuval Ben-Ami is blogging about the experience on the +972 website and has a You Tube channel featuring Hebrew versions of some of Lorde’s hits.

He talks to Wallace Chapman about Lorde in the holy land.