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7:10 New Zealanders' support for legalising recreational cannabis is increasing

The latest Research New Zealand poll set out to gauge how New Zealanders plan to vote in the upcoming Cannabis Referendum. The results showed that almost half of those polled (46%) now say they will vote in favour of legalising recreational cannabis - compared to 40% "not in favour". Research NZ Managing Partner Emanuel Kalafatelis joins the show with the latest results. 

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7:18 Less plastic in marine microfibres than predicted  

A recent study in New Scientist showed that the large majority of the microfibres polluting our oceans are not plastic - which has long been assumed - but actually natural fibres like cotton, wool and other celluloses, such as linen and flax. Indeed, a single machine wash of polyester clothing, for example, releases half a million textile microfibres. Professor Peter Ryan, an expert on marine plastics from the University of Cape Town, joins the show to discuss. 

The Algalita Marine Research collecting plastic in the South Pacific Ocean.

The Algalita Marine Research collecting plastic in the South Pacific ocean. Photo: Supplied/ Algalita Marine Research

7:37 Calling Home: Nathan James Thomas in Poznan, Poland  

Nathan James Thomas is the editor and founder of the travel writing website Intrepid Times. He's been doing that since 2014 and has pulled together his expertise as co-editor of a new anthology of travel writing titled Fearless Footsteps. He lives with his girlfriend in Poznan in Poland and is calling home this week to talk to Jim about being a travel writer, in a world where travel has gone on the back burner. 

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Photo: Nathan James Thomas

8:11 US correspondent on Donald Trump's F-bomb 

US President Donald Trump has warned Iran not to "f*** around" with the US while discussing Iranian support for US-designated terrorist groups, while also, perhaps unsurprisingly, praising himself for withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal brokered under the Obama administration. US correspondent Karen Kasler joins the show with all the latest.  

US President Donald Trump posted a video message from the White House on Twitter.

US President Donald Trump posted a video message from the White House on Twitter. Photo: Screenshot / Twitter

8:23 My Current Song: Haddon, 'Remember' 

Haddon is a  Hawke's Bay artist who has been creating music with international beat makers and producers. The 19-year-old is a prolific songwriter with over 150 songs already under his belt. He joins the show to discuss his latest single, 'Remember'. 

Hawke's Bay artsit Haddon.

Hawke's Bay artsit Haddon. Photo: Supplied

8:31 Bledisloe Cup match preview with Grant Nisbett 

The All Blacks make their long-awaited return to the international arena in this afternoon's opening Bledisloe Cup test against the Wallabies at SKY Stadium in Wellington. New coach Ian Foster has named an exciting blend of youth and experience in his matchday 23 squad and with us to preview the big match is the man who will call the test on TV, Grant Nisbett.  

Sky TV Commentator Grant Nisbett

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8:41 The Weekend Panel with Jane Clifton and Richard Harman 

In seven days from now we'll be looking back on the 2020 New Zealand General Election with our Sunday Morning election special. Our weekend panellists Jane Clifton and Richard Harman offer their final thoughts on the election, including the importance and accuracy of the polls, and some of the big controversies. 

Jacinda Ardern, Judith Collins - image for Stuff / The Press debate 6/10/20

Photo: RNZ / Vinay Ranchhod

9:06 Mediawatch

This week Mediawatch looks at the efforts the media have made to pick through the policies of parties that want your vote - and the policies political parties have for the media. Also: Auckland's return to Level One was good news - but some people didn't like the timing. 

9:37 Covid-19 brings 99.8% reduction in NZ flu season numbers 

Mask wearing and social distancing for Covid-19 has all but cut influenza cases in New Zealand this year, with only six flu isolates detected in this country from April to August. And we're now moving into the Spring/Summer period where flu is always uncommon in New Zealand. Professor Michael Baker offers his analysis on the flu season numbers and why masks continue to be so important. 

Professor Michael Baker

Professor Michael Baker Photo: Supplied

10:06 Dr. Katie Mack: How the universe is likely to end 

How the universe will end remains a question that has not been definitively answered. Theoretical cosmologist Katie Mack researched and outlined five of the most likely ways it will come about in her new book, The End of Everything: Astrophysically Speaking

Theoretical cosmologist Katie Mack

Theoretical cosmologist Katie Mack Photo: Nerissa Escanlar

10:42 The craziest travel requests from the super rich 

The notion of travelling anywhere further than the corner dairy has become a distant memory for many of us, but for the super rich, holiday planning continues to be a case of pushing the envelope -- from private dinners with celebrity chefs to time alone in the Sistine Chapel to having a Hollywood cinematographer shoot a family on their six week sailing odyssey through the Indonesian islands. Travel writer Kate Springer joins the show to look at how the other half travel. 

An airplane takes off at sunset. September 6, 2020, Montreal, Canada.
Un avion decolle au coucher du soleil. 6 septembre 2020, Montreal, Canada.

Photo: David Himbert / Hans Lucas

11:05 Covid-19: Paul Spoonley on the future state of the nation   

New Zealand's strong ties and trusts have been highlighted during the Covid-19 pandemic, but the enormous task of combating the negative social and economic consequences will test Kiwis' mettle, says sociologist Paul Spoonley. Professor Spoonley joins the show to discuss the challenge New Zealand faces in trying to maintain some of the positive things we've seen through the Covid-19 reaction of New Zealanders. 

Professor Paul Spoonley says it's impossible to measure the full scale of hate speech.

Photo: RNZ / Katie Scotcher

11:30 A South Island road trip like no other 

Bruce Ansley is the author of 11 books, including Coast which won top honours at the NZ Book Awards in 2014. But it's his latest book Down South which sums up a lifetime's work and fascination for Bruce. It's a wild and a contemplative journey that gives readers a glimpse of the fascinating stories that made up some of the South Island's glittering past. 

Author Bruce Ansley's new book Down South takes readers on a few South Island roads less travelled.

Author Bruce Ansley's new book Down South takes readers Photo: Jane Ussher