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Lime Trees Chch

Previously protected lime trees in Christchurch that are off the list proposed by the council. Photo: supplied

7:08 Education Panel - Who Pays?

With the Labour Party announcing plans for three years of fully publicly funded tertiary education the question of how much, if any, of the cost of tertiary education should be borne by students is once again on the agenda. Professor Gary Hawke is the author of the Hawke Report which first proposed the student loan scheme; Linsey Higgins is the president of NZUSA; and Chris Whelan is executive director of Universities NZ.

7:32 The Week in Parliament

7:47 Mark Belton - Saving Christchurch Trees

Professor Hugh Lauder

Professional forester, Mark Belton. Photo: supplied

A group of Christchurch residents is working to save over 80 percent of Christchurch's scheduled heritage and notable trees from being delisted and losing any protection in the city's plan. They are raising money for a legal challenge to the proposal, which is being fast-tracked under Earthquake Recovery legislation. Mark Belton is a professional forester and advocate for heritage trees - he says Christchurch has the greatest variety of trees of any city on the planet.

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8:12 Insight: When a Child's Home is a Car

Sign and outside of complex

De Paul House on Auckland's North Shore, which offers emergency housing to families Photo: ( RNZ / Lauren Baker )

Lauren Baker looks into the plight of Auckland's homeless families, who, despite having jobs, still can't afford rent and end up sleeping in cars, garages or on friends' floors. Support workers say they're having to turn away more families than ever, while parents themselves report troubling experiences with Housing New Zealand and the Ministry of Social Development. This Insight examines the safety-net for homeless families, and asks if the system really is helping those in desperate need of a home.
Produced by Philippa Tolley.

8:40 Libby Handros - Trump the Movie

Trump the Movie.

Trump the Movie. Photo: supplied

Libby Handros is the producer of Trump - What's the Deal a 1991 documentary about Donald Trump that never made it to the small screen in the US because of legal threats from the billionaire who has his sights set on the White House. The film is now available on the internet for all to see.

9:06 Mediawatch

Is clickbait here to stay, and can the news media afford to ignore it? Also: the TPP protests in the spotlight and why the media should worry about the TPP and copyright, and how our media milked a storm in a coffee cup sparked by a single social media message.
Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.

9:36 Naomi Saalfield - Hiatus Kaiyote

 Hiatus Kaiyote

Hiatus Kaiyote Photo: supplied

Aussie band Hiatus Kaiyote have embarked on an odyssey - beginning in Melbourne and going all the way to the Grammys. With sounds of soul, jazz, and psychedelia, "a labyrinthine exploration of 70's funk" as one reviewer called it, Hiatus Kaiyote are carving out a name for themselves. Wallace talks to singer Naomi Saalfield, aka Nai Palm. Hiatus Kaiyote are coming to play the Splore Festival at Tapapakanga Park, Auckland, February 19-21.

10:06 Steven Drizin and Laura Nirider - Making a Murderer

We are behind the scenes of Making a Murderer, when Wallace talks to Steven Drizin and Laura Nirider - both part of the post-conviction defence team for Brendan Dassey. Brendan's story features in the documentary TV series and Steven and Laura say he has been wrongly convicted for the murder of Teresa Halbach after a false confession. Steven Drizin is familiar with New Zealand's Teina Pora case and he says that while Brendan Dassey's story is harrowing - "there is a moment in the Pora investigation which is just as shocking ..."

Paul Kelly

Scene from Dirtsong performance. Photo: Black Arm Band

10:35 Paul Kelly - Black Arm Band

Australian singer/songwriter Paul Kelly is back in New Zealand later this month with Black Arm Band, an ensemble performing songs from 11 different Aboriginal languages. Paul talks to Wallace about music's role in exposing the injustices inflicted on Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders - and about his upcoming release, a co-production with William Shakespeare.

NZ Festival

11:05 Hugh Lauder - The Death of Middle Class Jobs

Professor Hugh Lauder

Professor Hugh Lauder Photo: supplied

Hugh Lauder is the author of The Global Auction - The Broken promises of Education, Jobs and Incomes. He's a professor of Education and Political Economy at Bath University and is in New Zealand for a series of lectures on the future of work.

Public Lectures: Palmerston North - Wed 10 Feb 6.00pm at the central library; Wellington - Monday 15 Feb - 6.00pm at Matauranga House, 33 Bowen St; Auckland - Thursday 25 Feb - 6.00pm at Massey University Albany Campus.

11:35 Kay - Food Addict in Recovery

Kay is from Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous and her recovery story features in a book of the same name. She talks about her addiction to certain foods and how, once she started, she couldn't stop eating them. After seeking help from the 12-step programme of Alcoholics Anonymous adapted for food addicts, Kay began her long road of recovery.

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SONG: Breathing Underwater

ARTIST: Hiatus Kaiyote

COMPOSER Hiatus Kaiyote

ALBUM: Choose Your Weapon



SONG: Took the Children Away

ARTIST: Archie Roach

COMPOSER: Archie Roach




ARTIST: Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody

Song:This Land is Mine

Composer: Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody




Song: September

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Song: Sometimes in Snow in April

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