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8:12 Insight: Immigrant labour - growing exploitation?

Insight investigates the scale of migrant labour exploitation in New Zealand amid calls for tougher penalties for employers.
Written, presented, and produced by Philippa Tolley.

8:40 Deborah Hart - Role of mediation in Family Court reforms

The Government’s planned overhaul of the Family Courts would encourage more families to be involved in dispute resolution before a case reaches the courts. Deborah Hart from the Arbitrators and Mediators’ Association talks to Chris Laidlaw about the benefits and challenges of such a change.

9:06 Mediawatch

Mediawatch looks at how a brand new business successfully spoon-fed the news media this week – and we hear about new avenues for investigative journalism. Also on Mediawatch:  the mystery surrounding  a new TV sports channel, and how startling reports of deaths in the news exaggerate the actual risks we face.
Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.

9:40 Paul Buchanan - The legacy of Hugo Chavez

Analyst and Latin American politics scholar Paul Buchanan talks to Chris Laidlaw about the situation in Venezuela following the death of Hugo Chavez, and what the former leader’s legacy is likely to be.

10:06 Ideas: Eco-psychology

The idea that the environment has an impact on our physical health is indisputable - but what impact is environmental degradation having on our mental health? And can psychology offer insights into how to improve our environment? Ideas talks to: Thomas Doherty - the editor of  the Ecopsychology journal;  and University of Auckland associate professor of psychology Niki Harre; and Victoria University senior lecturer in psychology Taciano Milfont.
Produced by Jeremy Rose.

10:55 Today’s Track

'You Can’t Fail Me Now' by Grammy Award winning veteran American musician Bonnie Raitt, who is touring here in April.

11:05 Down the List

Where does the real power in New Zealand lie? That’s right, with a bunch of bureaucrats, underlings, officials, and lowly-ranked list MPs that you and I have never heard of.  Whether it’s in sport, politics, commerce, education or the arts, the only way to find out what’s really going on in this country is by going ... Down the List. Written by Dave Armstrong and produced by Radio New Zealand’s Drama department. Today: Solid Energy’s finances are anything but solid. The National Government is excusing itself in the face of shoddy financial management and hopping into the life-raft provided by Solid Energy’s ‘perfect storm’ claim.

11:12 Sir Don McKinnon: In the Ring – A Commonwealth Memoir

Chris speaks to Sir Don McKinnon about his new book, “In the Ring” - an account of his time as Secretary-General of the Commonwealth from 2000-2008. The memoir candidly describes what was really going on behind the scenes during some turbulent times in modern Commonwealth history.

11:40 Wayne Brittenden’s Counterpoint

Wayne Brittenden has been Radio New Zealand’s correspondent in several capital cities over the years. Each week he gives fresh insights into a wide variety of topics of national and international concern, followed by Chris Laidlaw’s discussion of the issue with guests. Today: audio from a court-martial pre-trial hearing of Private Bradley Manning was leaked last Tuesday, and posted on the internet. Manning was heard explaining why he sent hundreds of thousands of classified documents to the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks. Wayne looks at the Manning case, and whistle-blowing in general. Chris follows up with Andy Thayer, part of the Bradley Manning Support Network.