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8:12 Insight

Insight Considers the future of the regions as they face predictions of declining and dramatically older populations. Compiled and presented by Philippa Tolley, Steve Wilde, Juliet Larkin and Heugh Chappell

Produced by Philippa Tolley.

8:40 Toby Ord – Giving What We Can

It’s the season for giving – to friends, to family and to charities. But which charities give more bang for your buck? Australian Toby Ord says some charities are up to 1000 times more effective than others. Toby is a researcher in moral philosophy at Oxford University and founder of an organisation based there called Giving What We Can, whose members pledge to donate 10 percent of their income to the charities that they believe will most effectively help people living in poverty.

9:06 Mediawatch

This weekend Mediawatch looks back at the media in 2012 – the year an All Black tackled the 'breastfeeding Nazis', Kim Dotcom rocked the government’s cabbage boat  - and fatty fast food, salty spreads and sugary musicals all took turns to hijack the headlines. Then there was the gun-toting eco-warrior starring in his own show, the government minister moonlighting as a news director, the beat-up that brought down the ‘bumcrack bandit’ - and much, much more.

Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.

9:40 Mark Reason – Rugby Roundup

Mark Reason has been a sports journalist for 25 years. He writes for Fairfax Media and is a highly-respected commentator on rugby – the game and the issues that surround it.

10:06 Ideas: John Barnett

In the latest of occasional series where we talk to influential New Zealanders about the individuals, writers and thinkers who have influenced them, we speak to pioneering movie and TV producer John Barnett. There could hardly be a single New Zealander who hasn’t enjoyed one of the many Kiwi culture-defining projects he’s been involved with. These projects range from Fred Dagg and the National Business Review to Whale Rider and Outrageous Fortune – not to mention the hit Song Slice of Heaven and our longest running soap Shortland Street.

Produced by Jeremy Rose.

10:55 Today’s Track

Bob Dylan with the traditional Christmas carol, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, from his album Christmas in the Heart. (Columbia)

11:05 Down The List

Where does the real power in New Zealand lie? That’s right, with a bunch of bureaucrats, underlings, officials, and lowly-ranked list MPs that you and I have never heard of.  Whether it’s in sport, politics, commerce, education or the arts, the only way to find out what’s really going on in this country is by going ... Down the List. Written by Dave Armstrong and produced by Radio New Zealand’s Drama department.  Today - two Treasury honcho’s enjoy their annual work Christmas bash while observing the notables in attendance and reflecting on the year they’ve had.

11:12 Jon Johansson and Paul Morris – This Year, Next Year

Sunday Morning’s regular commentator on the US elections, Jon Johansson, is joined by Professor Paul Morris to discuss the year in politics, religion, culture and society – and to take a punt on what we’re likely to see in 2013.

Dr Jon Johansson is a senior lecturer in political science at Victoria University.

Paul Morris is a professor of religious studies at Victoria University.

11:40 Wayne Brittenden’s Counterpoint

Wayne Brittenden has been Radio New Zealand’s correspondent in several capital cities over the years. Each week he gives fresh insights into a wide variety of topics of national and international concern, followed by Chris Laidlaw’s discussion of the issue with guests. Today, the once again highlighted issue of gun control in the United States following the Sandy Hook school shootings.