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8:12 Insight: Safety at Queenstown Airport

Queenstown Airport is the fastest growing in Australasia, but is constrained by mountainous terrain and a short runway.  The owners of the airport are keen to expand further with more flights into the evening, but is that pushing the safety boundaries too far? Steve Wilde investigates Queenstown Airport and asks whether the tourism dollar is putting pressure on safety.
Written and presented by Steve Wilde
Produced by Philippa Tolley.

8:40 Ian Henderson – Cult Music

Ian Henderson loves music so much that he started his own record label, Fishrider Records. It’s captured quite a bit of international attention in the indie-pop market producing the self-titled album of the band Opposite Sex.  Ian, who’s from Dunedin, has been making music with his brother George and others for around 30 years in one of New Zealand’s longest running cult bands – The Puddle.

9:06 Mediawatch

Mediawatch investigates new ways of offering quality journalism overseas and how the Official Informational Act is showing its age after 30 years. Mediawatch also looks at a badly-timed slip in the climate change debate, why you’ll have reduced rations of current affairs on TV shortly, and how reporting from the Olympics remains a man’s game in parts of the media.
Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.

9:40 Down the List

Where does the real power in New Zealand lie? That’s right, with a bunch of bureaucrats, underlings, officials, and lowly-ranked list MPs that you and I have never heard of.  Whether it’s in sport, politics, commerce, education or the arts, the only way to find out what’s really going on in this country is by going ... Down the List. Written by Dave Armstrong and produced by Radio New Zealand’s Drama department.  Today, it’s a real problem for any government to sell the idea of selling state assets. Why not use a professional promotions company?

9.45 Stuart Prior – Fishing the Last Ocean

Stuart Prior is a former diplomat who believes New Zealand should stop fishing in the Ross Sea. He once played a key role in opening up the fishery for the valuable toothfish – he tells Richard why he has changed his mind.
Stuart appears in a documentary about the Ross Sea called The Last Ocean, screening in the New Zealand International Film Festival.

10:06 Ideas: Countries in Focus – Solomon Islands

Radio New Zealand International’s Annell Husband travels to Honiara and speaks to locals about efforts to achieve reconciliation following the ethnic conflicts that first broke out in 1999; and Richard Langston talks to Victoria University professor Jon Fraenkel, author of The Manipulation of Custom: From Uprising to Intervention in the Solomon Islands (Victoria University Press).
Produced by Jeremy Rose.

10.55 Today’s Track – We background and play a notable or popular song. Today our song is Benediction by Thurston Moore from his 2011 album, Demolished Thoughts. The frontman for Sonic Youth, known for his often wild marriages of noise and melody, keeps it sweet on this Beck-produced track.

11.05 Scott Johnson – Dad’s Double Life

The relationships between a father and son can be tough enough, but what say your father is a secretive man because it’s his job … he’s a spy.  Scott Johnson is a foreign correspondent whose father worked for the CIA and he’s written a book about his search for the real man his father is. Scott talks to Richard about his book, The Wolf and the Watchman – a CIA childhood – a fascinating read about the life of a war correspondent, and of the search for the truth about his father.
The Wolf and the Watchman – A CIA Childhood, by Scott Johnson, is published by Scribe.

11.40 Musical Journeys

We invite listeners to have a say on this musical journey around the world.  This week we're in London at the Olympics. There's been a real mix of songs released that are related to the London games and we kick off today with Survival, the official 2012 Olympics song by rockers Muse. Our pick of the best of Olympic related releases is by Brit pop champions Blur with the very English-sounding Under The Westway. For those in London that didn’t make the opening ceremony there was the Hyde Park Opening Concert that featured a showcase of music from Great Britain including Duran Duran, and today we play Wild Boys. We finish this week's tour of London with The Jam and That's Entertainment. We’ll check out more of what is happening in London next week. Send your suggestions for London bands, and songs about what we should see and do there to

11.55 Feedback

What the listeners have to say on today’s programme.