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8:12 Insight: Funding the Olympic Hope

Stephen Hewson looks at the funding of the NZ Olympic effort. He asks if the investment is being targeted in the right way and if the medal haul will be all that’s expected.
Produced by Philippa Tolley.

8:40 Tim McCormack – Judging the International Criminal Court

There are now 15 cases from seven conflicts around the world before the ICC. The most recent is the referral from the UN Security Council on the situation in Libya. Tim and Chris take a look at the ICC’s track record, its achievements, and what it still needs to get right.
Tim McCormack is a professor at the Melbourne Law School and the special advisor on international humanitarian law to the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in the Hague. He was also an advisor on international law issues on the trial of Slobodan Milosevic. He visited New Zealand as a guest of the Auckland Branch of the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs, marking the ICC’s 10th anniversary.

9:06 Mediawatch

Mediawatch looks at what’s left for free-to-air viewers as the last of our ad-free TV channels switches off; and Kim Dotcom’s efforts to spruce up his public image.  Mediawatch also talks to the New Zealand editor picked to lead a prestigious paper in Australia – and a former colleague who warns he could be walking into a crisis over there.
Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.

9:40 Down the List

Where does the real power in New Zealand lie? That’s right, with a bunch of bureaucrats, underlings, officials, and lowly-ranked list MPs that you and I have never heard of.  Whether it’s in sport, politics, commerce, education or the arts, the only way to find out what’s really going on in this country is by going ... Down the List. Written by Dave Armstrong and produced by Adam Macaulay for Radio New Zealand National.  Today, getting people off the ACC benefits list seems like a good idea until case managers Malcolm and Jane realise what could happen if they really succeed.

9.45 Magical Mystery Tour

Chris Laidlaw invites listeners to have a say on this musical journey around the world.

10:06 Ideas: International Year of the Cooperative

Nicola Shadbolt, a dairy farmer, Fonterra board member, and Massey University associate professor of agriculture, tells us about the advantages of producer cooperatives; Atlee McFellin describes the Evergreen Cooperatives of Cleveland which are being hailed a solution to urban decline; the general manager of the European Association of Cooperative Banks, Herve Guider, explains why cooperative banks have largely weathered the financial storms unscathed; and Ben Knight and Vivian Maidaborn describe Loomio, a piece of open-source software developed in Wellington, to help facilitate better collective decision-making.
Presented by Chris Laidlaw
Produced by Jeremy Rose

10.55 Today’s Track
We background and play a notable or popular song. Today we feature Jenny Morris with Street of Love.

11.05 Jon Johansson and Stephen Levine – The PM Principle

Political scientists from Victoria University Dr Jon Johansson and Professor Stephen Levine say that while voters in other countries may be moved by speeches invoking grand themes, New Zealanders are apt to be much more sceptical. In our pragmatic society, we don’t expect or value someone with vision and the avoidance of rhetoric intended to inspire has meant that New Zealand prime ministers, once out of office, tend largely to be forgotten. Jon and Stephen talk to Chris about our attitude to leadership, and how they have distinguished greatness among New Zealand’s prime ministers in a survey ranking the country’s heads of government.

11.40 Hugh Peskett – Clemency for Jacobites

Queen Elizabeth has been asked to set aside legislation that punished the Jacobite sympathisers of Bonnie Prince Charlie and all their descendents. Found guilty of treason, the attainders were described as having tainted blood and they and generations of their descendents were barred from owning property or holding public office. Campaigners say the Queen’s 60th Jubilee is the ideal time for clemency and genealogist Hugh Peskett agrees – and raises the question that British PM David Cameron is himself descended from an attainder. 
Hugh Peskett is an Academician, Académie Internationale de Généalogie; a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland; Editor in Chief of Burke’s Peerage; and a professional genealogist

11.55 Feedback

What the listeners have to say on today’s programme.