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8:12 Insight: Fighting National Standards

Insight investigates the ongoing opposition to national standards for primary schools as they face the deadline for setting targets in reading, writing and maths.
Written and presented by John Gerritsen
Produced by Philippa Tolley.

8:40 Joan Druett – Tupaia, Cheated by History

Maritime historian Joan Druett tells the fascinating story of Tupaia, a Tahitian master navigator who she describes as a shadow on the history of the Endeavour. A vital negotiator between Captain Cook and Maori, Joan says Tupaia changed the history of New Zealand. Yet he was written out of the story of the Endeavour by Cook, who preferred not to share the credit of his discoveries and victories.
Joan Druett’s book, Tupaia, is published by Random House.

9:06 Mediawatch

This week Mediawatch looks at what kind of public service programmes you can get on free to air TV these days, and talks to a New Zealander making the best of British public service programmes available here, but only for viewers with pay TV. Mediawatch also looks at how newspapers calling for Paul Henry to be taken off the air last year are now promoting his return to radio. And should you trust media reports of a survey on trustworthiness – which says people don’t trust journalists very much?
Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.

9:40 Janet Holmes – Work Culture

How do you talk to each other at work? Janet Holmes tells Chris about the importance of relating to colleagues, and about a course which teaches skilled migrants the ways of Kiwi workplace culture.
Janet Holmes is Professor of Linguistics at Victoria University.

10:06 John Scott – The Third Industrial Revolution

Around the world there are stirrings deep in the big power companies: can it really be the case that, after 80 years of growth and maturity, there are fundamental changes ahead for our energy systems? Some commentators have described this as The Third Industrial Revolution: a fundamental change in the way we generate, transmit, distribute and use energy. John Scott was recently in New Zealand as a guest of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and he talks to Chris about what’s happening internationally, what is envisaged by ‘Smart Grids’ and why they are gaining the attention of governments, regulators and forward-looking companies.
John Scott is an independent consultant operating from his own company, Chiltern Power Limited based in the UK.

10.40 Notes from the South with Dougal Stevenson

Dougal turns the tables on a Dunedin city councilor who wants to prohibit the construction of south-facing homes.

10:45 Hidden Treasures

This week on Hidden Treasures, Trevor Reekie pays tribute to the Doors vocalist Jim Morrison and showcases the winning song and album from this year’s NZ Country Music Awards.
Produced by Trevor Reekie

11.05 Ideas: Refugees in New Zealand

This year is the 60th anniversary of the United Nations Convention relating to the Status of Refugees. New Zealand has often been a destination for people seeking out a new life. Since the 19th century, for a small number, it has also become a place of refuge. Ideas talks to: writer and historian Ann Beaglehole, Refugee Services Wellington manager Molly Kennedy and Bhutanese refugee Chandra Dahal.
Presented by Chris Laidlaw
Produced by Sean McKenna

11.55 Feedback

What you, the listeners, say on the ideas and issues that have appeared in the programme.